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Skype Calls Were Secure?

There’s been much buzz around Skype’s recent change to their internal network structure.  Skype, owned by Microsoft since 2011, has begun routing calls from peer servers to their own supernodes which has left many asking why they’ve done this and … Continue reading

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Work From Home – Telecommunication

I recently came across a forum post about an owner wanting to do away with the office and have his employees and him work from home. He wanted to transition to be as seamless as possible so that even though … Continue reading

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Google+Possible Partnership with Facebook or Twitter

Google Inc. has apparently stated that it is not opposed to a potential cooperation with Facebook and Twitter, its new social networking rivals. Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt says that there is room for more than one social networking giant … Continue reading

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Skype Calls: Alerting news on new VoIP Virus

The biggest fear of most internet users is that their computer will/can be invaded by a dreaded computer virus. Virtual viruses that can spy on their every move and destroy their files without any warning. Although this is very scary, … Continue reading

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5 Money-Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs look for a cost-effective way of running their businesses. Here are five simple tips which will help you run your business and save your money. 1. Conference calls Studies have shown that many office meetings are ineffective as … Continue reading

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“Net-neutrality” debate and investigation starting off in Europe

The subject of network neutrality is back on track and will continue rolling until the future of our internet will be decided. European Union is going to investigate whether internet service providers are providing fair access to online services, joining Canada, … Continue reading

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Rumours on the Skype Facebook Partnership

Rumours persist about a possible partnership between Facebook and Skype. With 600 million users who wouldn’t want to be associated with Facebook? Rumours continued to run via a report from the Bloomberg site, which states that Facebook has resumed talks … Continue reading

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