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Dropbox security breach – A warning to ALL Internet Users

Were you one of the many Dropbox users that were under a spam attack? On July 17th Dropbox users started to notice an increase in the level of spam attacking their accounts. It was brought to Dropbox’s attention when users … Continue reading

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Internet Privacy — Are We Really Safe?

Internet Privacy has been on the forefront of the tech world recently with news such as a the Flame virus, LinkedIn passwords being leaked onto the internet, state sponsored attacks on google accounts, this is in addition to the already … Continue reading

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Behavioural Advertizing in Canada

Have you noticed yet that your ads seem to have a mind of their own and offer you things that bizarrely relate to your interests?  Well if so, you’re not alone, and many think it’s pretty creepy that ads ‘know’ more … Continue reading

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360 000 Accounts Hacked with Citibank

The US banking giant, Citibank, has informed clients that approximately 360,000 credit cards were affected by a computer hacking attack last month. Citigroup reported that the security breach compromised a total of 360,083 North America Citi-branded credit cards. Even though … Continue reading

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Canadians hit in Sony Ericsson data breach

Sony is under fire again as it was revealed on Wednesday that 2,000 customers of its Sony Ericsson venture in Canada may have had their information taken with an online security breach. A Sony spokesman said customers’ names, email and … Continue reading

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