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Free Ways to Boost your SEO

Contrary to what many people think, there is no quick fix to boost your SEO standing, even if you spend hundreds of dollars hiring outside help the best way to boost your SEO is naturally and organically. What do I … Continue reading

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Google Nexus Stronger Than Apple iPad?

Google Nexus is the first tablet designed to compete against the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad.  It is extremely light (336g) and thin (10.9mm). Small enough to hold it in one hand at only 7 inches as well as put it … Continue reading

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Building a Website – If a Child Can Do It, Why Is It So Hard?

Websites are becoming so easy to do that even a child can create one. And many have. But how about the other greater percentage of the population that are no longer children. Building a website can be confusing and overwhelming. … Continue reading

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Pinterest – The Next Big Social Interest

If you haven’t pinned your interests on Pinterest maybe you should. A recent study showed that Pintrest is beating Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing, and Google in referral traffic. The new data shows that Pinterest’s referral traffic climbed from .85% in January … Continue reading

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Will Malware Cut You from the Internet on Monday?

Are you safe? Many people are unaware of this malware that might be on your computer since as early as last year. Many internet service providers as well as Google and Facebook are warning users but there are still thousands … Continue reading

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Google Says Goodbye to its Services

Google is continuing to shut down services which aren’t its core business – This is thanks to Larry Page, Co-Founder and now CEO. He’s been actively doing this ever since he was appointed chief. Today, they close down more services … Continue reading

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Internet Privacy — Are We Really Safe?

Internet Privacy has been on the forefront of the tech world recently with news such as a the Flame virus, LinkedIn passwords being leaked onto the internet, state sponsored attacks on google accounts, this is in addition to the already … Continue reading

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