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Facebook and Gambling?

Did I hear this correctly? Is Facebook moving into the gambling industry? Apparently so. They are going to launch their first application where users can actually bet and win real money. Launching first in the UK, Today users over the … Continue reading

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Free Ways to Boost your SEO

Contrary to what many people think, there is no quick fix to boost your SEO standing, even if you spend hundreds of dollars hiring outside help the best way to boost your SEO is naturally and organically. What do I … Continue reading

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Twitter Users beware of new malware.

Warning! If you have seen a tweet about you that and you don’t know who it’s from, don’t click on the link! Security researchers found a new Twitter scam campaign that is attacking the social network stating that they have … Continue reading

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Pinterest – The Next Big Social Interest

If you haven’t pinned your interests on Pinterest maybe you should. A recent study showed that Pintrest is beating Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing, and Google in referral traffic. The new data shows that Pinterest’s referral traffic climbed from .85% in January … Continue reading

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Will Malware Cut You from the Internet on Monday?

Are you safe? Many people are unaware of this malware that might be on your computer since as early as last year. Many internet service providers as well as Google and Facebook are warning users but there are still thousands … Continue reading

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Facebook Pulls Another Switcheroo. This Time on your Email Address

If you haven’t heard the latest outcry from Facebook users, let me fill you in. Recently, Facebook switched the emails displayed on users’ profile from their personal email address to a “yourname@facebook.com” unannounced. Why were users upset with the Facebook … Continue reading

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Vancouver’s Ayoudo Goes National

Ayoudo….a very weird sounding name when you first look at it, but after reading the description of this Vancouver based startup the “Aha!” sound commences and I giggle for I am tickled by this very unique new social networking website … Continue reading

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