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Work From Home – Telecommunication

I recently came across a forum post about an owner wanting to do away with the office and have his employees and him work from home. He wanted to transition to be as seamless as possible so that even though … Continue reading

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Conference Calls – The Next Generation Meeting Point

“Conference Room five minutes” – That phrase immortalized by the ever funny Michael Scott from the television series The Office has resonated with many office workers having to sit through weekly or even bi-weekly meetings. It’s a necessary evil, everyone … Continue reading

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The success and the explosion of online telecom solutions

Selling Online with small business: a booming market “While eCommerce has exploded to individuals for 10 years, a significant proportion of purchases will always be in stores. As for small businesses, they increasingly rationalize their spending. In this context, 100% … Continue reading

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Fax via mail service with Axiatel

Axiatel.com is a leading company specializing in telecommunications services for business. Their top service offered is online fax that lets you send and receive faxes directly from your mailbox. This allows you to manage your faxes as mere e-mails. Currently … Continue reading

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Axiatel Virtual Office Solutions

You can now save your business money while improving your performance with office solutions offered by Axiatel. These include: Online fax, a virtual telephone switchboard and web conferencing. Axiatel offers services for everyone that fulfill the needs of both individuals … Continue reading

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Fixed, wireless and VoIP phone number portability

   What is number portability? Number porting is the process of moving a telephone number from one provider to another. In Canada, the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunication Commission distinguish between landline, wireless and VoIP phone number probabilities. Don’t cancel … Continue reading

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Call Forwarding Services at an Unbeatable Price

Are you looking for a suitable and reliable virtual call forwarding service for your business? Many self-employed professionals as well as other businesses are always on the lookout for easy office solutions which will make their lives easier. Call forwarding … Continue reading

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