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Google Nexus Stronger Than Apple iPad?

Google Nexus is the first tablet designed to compete against the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad.  It is extremely light (336g) and thin (10.9mm). Small enough to hold it in one hand at only 7 inches as well as put it … Continue reading

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Mobile Technology Enables Doctors to be More Efficient

The Ottawa Hospital’s pioneering decision to furnish their doctors with iPads is already improving patient care, the hospital says. The iPad experiment started in 2010, and since then the hospital has deployed about 1,900 iPads to doctors. “The demand for … Continue reading

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TV + Smartphones + Tablets + Xbox = SmartGlass!

Microsoft introduced another innovation this past week.  They call it SmartGlass, a new feature for the Xbox. SmartGlass is an app that will allow Xbox games, movies and television shows to be integrated with tablets and smartphones. It will work … Continue reading

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A different Way to Look at Thermostats

Do you know where your thermostat is and what it looks like? It is probably the typical grey/white rectangular box that is found in nearly every home. However, this week the Nest Learning Thermostat opened its doors to Canada to … Continue reading

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Apple Shares Dropped by NYU Finance Prof

Aswath Damodaran, finance professor at New York University, has decided to trade in all his Apple stocks recently.  Many don’t understand why anyone would trade Apple stocks as the company seems to be doing so well even after the company’s … Continue reading

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Lost iPhone 5 Staged?

It’s happened again…  Apple has lost another iPhone prototype.  In late July, an Apple employee lost his iPhone 5 prototype at Cava 22, a Mexican bar & restaurant in San Francisco only months before it’s rumoured release this October 2011.  … Continue reading

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