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Wifarer – Tells You Where You Are Inside a Building

Ever wondered where you were inside a mall and wanted to get to a store quickly but couldn’t find the nearest information map? How about being inside a museum and wanting to know more about a particular display but aren’t … Continue reading

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Dropbox security breach – A warning to ALL Internet Users

Were you one of the many Dropbox users that were under a spam attack? On July 17th Dropbox users started to notice an increase in the level of spam attacking their accounts. It was brought to Dropbox’s attention when users … Continue reading

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Twist – Automatically Tells People When You’re Running Late

Do you hate it when you arrive on time but your other party is late? Or you are the one running late and feel terrible that you are making your other party wait? A new app called Twist has just … Continue reading

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How Does “” Sound?

Rob Hall, who helped secure the .ca domain name for Canada now wants to bring .sucks and others into the world. Hall, chief executive of Ottawa’s Momentus Corp. and a founder of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), has applied … Continue reading

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4G LTE Wireless Service Launched by Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility is rolling out their 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, where they claim it’s up to three times than their HSPA+ network first launched three years ago.  They’ve released this service in the GTA and neighbouring Hamilton & … Continue reading

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IT Industry Remains Strong Throughout Global Market Rollercoaster Ride

Since last week, the global markets have been up and down non-stop.  Just today the Europeans markets climbed some, while uncertainty pushed Asian markets to slightly drop.  It looks like the markets are unsure about being unsure at the point.  … Continue reading

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Send an Internet Fax with your Webmail Account

Interested in an internet fax or Gmail service with fax?  It’s possible to send or receive Gmail; to send faxes over the Internet and from other inbox providers; There are a number of internet fax solutions with Gmail from any … Continue reading

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