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Mobile Technology Enables Doctors to be More Efficient

The Ottawa Hospital’s pioneering decision to furnish their doctors with iPads is already improving patient care, the hospital says. The iPad experiment started in 2010, and since then the hospital has deployed about 1,900 iPads to doctors. “The demand for … Continue reading

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TV + Smartphones + Tablets + Xbox = SmartGlass!

Microsoft introduced another innovation this past week.  They call it SmartGlass, a new feature for the Xbox. SmartGlass is an app that will allow Xbox games, movies and television shows to be integrated with tablets and smartphones. It will work … Continue reading

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When Apes Can Use an iPad…

Looks like we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of Electronic Tablets, with chimps and orangutans now known to be avid users of Apple’s iPad.  In zoos in the U.S. and growing worldwide, ape trainers have introduced the … Continue reading

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Motorola Mobility Bought by Google

Google has purchased Motorola Mobility with the price tag of $12.5 billion.  They hope to consolidate hardware and software so to better able to compete with the mobile phone giant, known as Apple.  The acquisition gives Google direct control over … Continue reading

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Send an Internet Fax with your Webmail Account

Interested in an internet fax or Gmail service with fax?  It’s possible to send or receive Gmail; to send faxes over the Internet and from other inbox providers; There are a number of internet fax solutions with Gmail from any … Continue reading

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Today’s paperless offices use Canada Online Fax!

While the PaperPhone is prototyped and will be shown to the wider audience on 10th of May in Vancouver on Computer Human Interaction conference, its creator predicts that in 5 years time, this gadget will be popular choice with offices, … Continue reading

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Your iphone and iPad is recording all your movements!

Iphones and 3G supported Ipads have been recording and stroing all the data for the past 10 months about owners’ movements. The data visualisation specialists Peter Warden and Alasdair Allen have discovered this accidentally while searching for some data on their … Continue reading

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