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Oh the Joys of Junk Fax

We’ve all been victim of it, if you have a fax machine it is inevitable that you will get that junk fax come through your machine wasting toner and paper (and not to mention causing unnecessary noise). There has been … Continue reading

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Technological Innovation Impact on the Environment

Much of the world has been and is still expecting technology to fix Earth’s environmental problems, instead of changing our ways of life.  Will technology be able to do this for us, or does the answer rest in other ways? … Continue reading

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When Apes Can Use an iPad…

Looks like we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of Electronic Tablets, with chimps and orangutans now known to be avid users of Apple’s iPad.  In zoos in the U.S. and growing worldwide, ape trainers have introduced the … Continue reading

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The success and the explosion of online telecom solutions

Selling Online with small business: a booming market “While eCommerce has exploded to individuals for 10 years, a significant proportion of purchases will always be in stores. As for small businesses, they increasingly rationalize their spending. In this context, 100% … Continue reading

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Benefits of Online fax

Fax to email, internet fax or even online fax has been around for some time. Many of those who have not yet opted for this eco-friendly, virtual option often what does the service offer besides the provision of a free … Continue reading

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Fax via mail service with Axiatel is a leading company specializing in telecommunications services for business. Their top service offered is online fax that lets you send and receive faxes directly from your mailbox. This allows you to manage your faxes as mere e-mails. Currently … Continue reading

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Axiatel Virtual Office Solutions

You can now save your business money while improving your performance with office solutions offered by Axiatel. These include: Online fax, a virtual telephone switchboard and web conferencing. Axiatel offers services for everyone that fulfill the needs of both individuals … Continue reading

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