Twitter Users beware of new malware.

Warning! If you have seen a tweet about you that and you don’t know who it’s from, don’t click on the link!

Security researchers found a new Twitter scam campaign that is attacking the social network stating that they have a photo of the victim. However, there is no photo. Instead, once clicked a Blackhole exploit kit will be installed onto your computer. A Blackhole exploit kit is the newest threat to get hold of your computer to exploit it in any way the executor sees fit. Twitter users have been targeted in the past and will most likely be targeted again in the future.

The malware so far has been noted to state two different messages

  1. “Its you on the photo?” @[username] It’s you on the photo? http://%5Bdomain%5D/#%5Busername%5D.html
  2. “It’s about you?” @[username] It’s about you? http://%5Bdomain%5D/#%5Busername%5D.html

There is a link attached to it which takes you to a .su domain that contains the Blackhole exploit kit which will ultimately be downloaded onto your computer. Please note that even if you do not see these two exact phrases the malware message can change at any time. As such, don’t click on any links from people who you do not know. Instead ask the sender why they sent you that message.

There are thousands of malicious links targeting micro-blogging networks like Twitter. As such if you are a frequent user, and in general, ensure that your PC is protected.

It has become easier for attacks to happen quickly and frequently, as Twitter becomes more popular with an increase of twitter followers (over 150 million users) and over 340 million tweets daily. Because of their increased growth Twitter is expanding and improving the functionalities of Twitter to make the user experience more enjoyable. Some new features that Twitter is implementing are the ability to retrieve old tweets. As tweets are only kept to the most recent 1,000 tweets, those past tweets that we want to remember can now be found. Why would Twitter want to do this? For a Twitter user it is pretty compelling as it is like a micro diary from all of your daily tweets.  Other new features are an auto-complete function in which Twitter tries to guess what the user is trying to search for resulting in images, videos and other contented posted by other users.

Twitter is speedily moving away from that simple interface with the ability to only post 140 characters in 2008. Now with all these new features people are wondering if Twitter is a media or a technology company. Only time will tell.





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