Pinterest – The Next Big Social Interest

If you haven’t pinned your interests on Pinterest maybe you should. A recent study showed that Pintrest is beating Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing, and Google in referral traffic. The new data shows that Pinterest’s referral traffic climbed from .85% in January to 1.19% in June. This climb has surpassed Bing at 1.18% Stumbleupon at .96%, Google Referral at 1.09% and Twitter at .92% So what does this mean? Basically that Pinterest is pretty popular with a network of over 200,000 publishers, which reaches more than 270 million people monthly.

There are so many emerging social media networks that it’s hard to get it all straight. With Facebook and Twitter being the Powerhouses, Pinterest might soon take the lead. So I thought it would be beneficial to provide a little information for those that are not familiar with Pinterest.

What is Pintrest?

With a very unique yet self-explanatory name, Pinterest, launched in March 2010 (still in the beta stage), allows users to create and manage theme-based images collected over the internet such as events, hobbies, words of inspiration and pin them to their board. In addition, users can browse other people’s boards to “re-pin” images and “like” images or follow users.  For example if you are looking to plan a wedding you can use Pinterest to organize your vision by uploading pictures that you’ve found and pinning them to your Pinterest board or re-pinning other images to showcase your vision for your wedding thus showing your friends as well as other Pinterest users different wedding ideas. But there is more, if you are a business you can sell your product on Pinterest, buy taking a picture of it, pinning it to your board and having a link to your website. This of course is a great way to gain a wider audience for your business product.

I’ve noticed that there is a shift from connecting to people with text (i.e. Facebook status updates and Tiwtter Tweets) to connect through images. While browsing through Pinterest, I noticed that there are pictures of words and phrases that used to be expressed through regular text. Will blogs soon consist of pictures of blogs in order to connect with people (I hope not)?

In any case, Pinterest is a really interesting social medium, because instead of allowing people to stalk you on Facebook (or vice versa) or spew out whatever comes to your mind on Twitter, at least with Pinterest you can post pretty pictures of things that interest you.


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