Conference Calls – The Next Generation Meeting Point

“Conference Room five minutes” – That phrase immortalized by the ever funny Michael Scott from the television series The Office has resonated with many office workers having to sit through weekly or even bi-weekly meetings. It’s a necessary evil, everyone wishes they can just continue on with their work as meetings have a tendency to disrupt their flow, but it is inevitable that meetings need to exist, without it, how would our managers know what we have been up to?

Luckily more and more people are doing away with the mandatory conference room meeting point where everyone has to drop what they are doing to attend the meeting and instead are adopt a more balance friendly meeting style like conference calls.

There are also other aspects to the work life that companies are adopting. The age where life revolves around work is slowly diminishing and more companies are looking to promote work life balance. There are even companies that provide opportunities for employees to work at home. Recently, companies have started adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) which allows employees to user their own computer devices as their work computer, thereby enabling more flexibility to work either at home or at work (not to mention saving companies on thousands of computer purchases).

Companies are starting to realize that if they want to continue to make money, they need to make their employees happy and happiness comes from making a more enjoyable working environment.

Here are some suggestions for simple actions to increase worker happiness:

  1. Flexible work hours: Unless your company has specific work hours related to the business, work can really be done at any time of day, as long as it gets done in time, am I right? People that are allowed to come in at whatever time they want (earlier so that they can pick up their kids in the afternoon, or later so they can go surfing in the morning) will give them a sense of appreciation towards the company
  2. Flexible meetings: Sometimes it can be difficult to fit a meeting into everyone’s schedule and other times people can get annoyed because they are too busy to stop everything for one hour. Allowing conference calls for people to phone in enables those that are not physically present to listen into the conversation, and those that have too much on their plate to set aside one hour are also able to participate while being able to multi-task. The great thing about this is that it is recordable and people who could not make it for whatever reason can always listen to it later. Flexible meetings let employees know that their time is valuable and the company wants to accommodate.
  3. Team building activities: Employees like to feel appreciated, going out to lunch, or happy hour, once in a while with your team fosters camaraderie. Employees are happy because management cares about them as people and appreciates their hard work and rewards them as such. This results in happier employees and better work/life balance.

There are many more simple tips that you can adopt to increase employee happiness resulting in increased work output. What are some other tips that are good to include in this list?


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