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Twitter Users beware of new malware.

Warning! If you have seen a tweet about you that and you don’t know who it’s from, don’t click on the link! Security researchers found a new Twitter scam campaign that is attacking the social network stating that they have … Continue reading

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Skype Calls Were Secure?

There’s been much buzz around Skype’s recent change to their internal network structure.  Skype, owned by Microsoft since 2011, has begun routing calls from peer servers to their own supernodes which has left many asking why they’ve done this and … Continue reading

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Google Nexus Stronger Than Apple iPad?

Google Nexus is the first tablet designed to compete against the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad.  It is extremely light (336g) and thin (10.9mm). Small enough to hold it in one hand at only 7 inches as well as put it … Continue reading

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Twist – Automatically Tells People When You’re Running Late

Do you hate it when you arrive on time but your other party is late? Or you are the one running late and feel terrible that you are making your other party wait? A new app called Twist has just … Continue reading

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Building a Website – If a Child Can Do It, Why Is It So Hard?

Websites are becoming so easy to do that even a child can create one. And many have. But how about the other greater percentage of the population that are no longer children. Building a website can be confusing and overwhelming. … Continue reading

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Graphene – The material that can repair itself and more!

Yes, you heard me correctly.  Scientists have discovered, among many other amazing characteristics, that this material is able to repair itself with the aid of carbon. As talked about last year, Graphene is the material of the future. It has … Continue reading

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Work From Home – Telecommunication

I recently came across a forum post about an owner wanting to do away with the office and have his employees and him work from home. He wanted to transition to be as seamless as possible so that even though … Continue reading

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