Oh the Joys of Junk Fax

We’ve all been victim of it, if you have a fax machine it is inevitable that you will get that junk fax come through your machine wasting toner and paper (and not to mention causing unnecessary noise). There has been a lot of legislation all over the world that has tried to regulate the use of spamming yet it hasn’t stopped them from sending any less fax.

Junk Fax Legislation

In Canada, junk faxes are regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and must follow certain guidelines. However, there is no individual right to sue the sender of the junk faxes. Individuals may register in the Canadian Marketing Association’s do-not-call list which covers mail, voice and fax. This lasts for 3 years. This list, unfortunately, is voluntary for businesses to follow and is not enforceable by law.

As such, because of this authoritative legislation we still get these unwanted faxes.

The Most annoying/ridiculous Junk Faxes Received

I’ve received a lot of junk faxes over the years. Some of them have included blatant
advertisement of products or services that I have no use for. Others include a call to action stating that there is a load of unclaimed cash that I am entitled to obtain. All that is needed of me is to send over check to help them track down the unclaimed money. Some even are pornographic, that’s the worst. No one should have to tolerate this abuse.

How to Stop Junk Fax

Of course, there is the do not call list that you can subscribe to, but as I mentioned above it is not very effective as it is voluntary. Bell.ca has also stated that if you want to prevent unwanted faxes is that you can set your fax to accept documents after seven rings as most automatic dialers stop sending after 6 rings. However, that doesn’t eliminate all the unwanted faxes and you might still see those exceptions. The great thing about technology is that there is now an online fax service that allows you to throw away your fax machine so that you can send faxes electronically over the internet. The great thing about these services is that it is paperless, so even if you receive a junk fax you can just delete it without wasting valuable resources like paper and toner. Some services even have features that filter spam and unwanted faxes so you don’t even have to encounter it. Out of sight, out of mind giving you the peace of mind that you deserve when it comes to faxes.

We are in the 21st century; it’s time we got savvy with these telemarketers who are causing havoc in our lives. We now have the tools to fight these junk faxes. We no longer need to be a victim; we no longer need to see our expenses increase due to wastefulness.

Just for fun, share your most ridiculous/annoying junk faxes received.


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