Canada – 100% Wireless!

Canadians love their mobile devices. It is said that in about 3 years from now the wireless penetration rate will exceed 100%.

Right now, more than 75% of Canadians own a wireless device. It is expected to increase as more consumers can easily own more than one mobile gadget (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop) In addition, the insatiable popularity for data devices such as smartphones and tablets are creating major growth opportunities for wireless carriers. Some carriers are already seeing data traffic increase by 5% each week.

 “Today, more than 26 million Canadians have a mobile phone or wireless device – a number that continues to experience significant growth every year,” said Bernard Lord, chief executive officer of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, in an address to the 2012 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto on Monday.

“And we expect to see over 100-per-cent [wireless] penetration in just the next few years.”

Canadians, are being recognized for being global leaders in smartphone and tablet adoption – and their increasing desire for mobile data, especially video, is quickly shifting the economics of the wireless industry.

What this means for carriers is that as the wireless market matures and therefore flattens, they must come up with new ways to make profits by offering innovative services to drive wireless data growth.

It is estimated that an average smartphone uses 35 times the bandwidth of a regular cellphone, while a tablet uses up to 121 times the bandwidth, Mr. Lord said.

“We think there is no shortage of growth on the horizon,” Rob Bruce, president of communications at Rogers Communications Inc., said in an interview.

Rogers, Canada’s largest wireless carrier, is already rolling out new services such as mobile video, mobile commerce and remote home monitoring to leverage its existing wireless network.

This is a smart move in Canada as everyone wants to watch videos whenever and wherever they want.

He also stated that the wireless industry has already passed one zettabyte of mobile data globally, adding that number is expected to double every two years. As part of the coming mobile broadband revolution, it is forecasted there will be some 50 billion connected devices around the world by 2020, said Mark Henderson, president and CEO of Ericsson Canada.

In this day in age where most of us use the internet before we get out of bed, there doesn’t seem any signs of decline. Who doesn’t use their smart phone to wake up and then check the latest tweets, Facebook feeds, and weather all before you head to the bathroom? I know I’m guilty.


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