TV + Smartphones + Tablets + Xbox = SmartGlass!

Microsoft introduced another innovation this past week.  They call it SmartGlass, a new feature for the Xbox. SmartGlass is an app that will allow Xbox games, movies and television shows to be integrated with tablets and smartphones. It will work with all Apple, Android, and of course Windows operating system devices.

What is SmartGlass exactly?

SmartGlass is a new app that turns your portable device into another screen for your TV, or another controller for a game, a companion feature for a show, or a remote control for the Internet plus more. It is connected to your Xbox, so basically think of Xbox as the heart of your media entertainment center and SmartGlass the app to keep you connected anywhere you are.

If we think of Xbox for what it originally is, a gaming console, some critics seem skeptical for what the SmartGlass potentially is presenting to gamers. Some industry experts are stating that the games usually found on tablets and smartphones are nothing compared to games on consoles. Most games on smartphones and tablets are very laidback like Words with Friends or Angry Birds and do not need devices to handle such power as games on consoles. Even with tablets that have very high end graphics and computer power, they still do not fully present what a console and a TV can display. It is believed that gamers will hesitate to implement such a medium just to say that they can play a game on their iPad.

However, others differ in opinion stating that tablets and smartphones go hand in hand with consoles which will give gamers the opportunity to be connected to their game at all times. In addition, the tablet opened up gaming to a demographic that does not own a console. There will always be people that will use a console for gaming purposes but the integration of tablets and smartphones expands that market.

But most importantly, when you think of all the capabilities Xbox has – console, internet,

TV, movies, and more, this app does more than just connect gamers to their games when they are away, it also connects them to all of their entertainment and provides another screen for users to stay connected.

With this app, Microsoft has seamlessly created a wireless PC in your living room. With a PC, users are able to surf the internet, play video games, watch movies and more. With the Xbox and SmartGlass people are able to do exactly the same with their Xbox, but from wherever they are. What are your thoughts? Do you think SmartGlass is truly innovative or just another fad in the ever changing market?


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