“Tweet Tweet” Says the Bird?

What happened to that time when “tweets” meant the soft chirping sound of a bird? I guess Twitter has no plans on going anywhere and tweets will be prominently known as short messages for all the world to see and will be less known as that sweet sound a chirping bird makes.

Twitter.com, an online social networking service and micro-blogging service, allows subscribers to post messages of up to 140 characters (aka “tweets”) and read posts submitted by other users. Created in March 2006, the company has over 140 million active users and generates over 340 million tweets a day! That’s 2,380 Million tweets a week and about 124 BILLION tweets a year!! That’s a lot of chirping if you ask me.

At first, Twitter was geared towards the younger generation to allow users another means to let the world know what they were doing.  With tweets such as “I’m craving ice cream” and “I think I just saw Brad Pitt”, who knew that it would be here to stay and especially turn into such a medium to keep current on breaking news, and industry trends? It has even been said to be a “strategic weapon… which have the apparent ability to re-align the social order in real time, with little or no advanced warning.” That’s a pretty powerful noise for a soft chirping sound.

Being as prevalent as it is today, more people (including the older generation) are subscribing to twitter and making their first tweets. The interface looks so simple to use, yet it seems so complicated. One of the questions that come to mind is, “How do I effectively utilize Twitter to my advantage?” Luckily, Twitter experts have created a free Twitter guide for everyday people like you and me to be in the know and learn tweet like a pro.

But do I really need to subscribe to Twitter?

It has been said multiple times that in order to get somewhere, networking is key. Social media networking is just another way to network and Twitter is another medium to get you there.

In the guide, it explains the benefits that exist for you and your business. Some benefits include generating more traffic to your website, identifying partnership opportunities, and increasing your search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, it’s FREE…now who doesn’t like free stuff.

Detailed in the user guide is how to sign up, the basics of Twitter, how to effectively write a tweet with only 140 characters, and of course the advanced features such as re-“tweeting”. In no time, we can be chirping, I mean tweeting, like pros!


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