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Facebook Pulls Another Switcheroo. This Time on your Email Address

If you haven’t heard the latest outcry from Facebook users, let me fill you in. Recently, Facebook switched the emails displayed on users’ profile from their personal email address to a “” unannounced. Why were users upset with the Facebook … Continue reading

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Vancouver’s Ayoudo Goes National

Ayoudo….a very weird sounding name when you first look at it, but after reading the description of this Vancouver based startup the “Aha!” sound commences and I giggle for I am tickled by this very unique new social networking website … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking’s brain “hacked” by “iBrain”

What would you say if you could communicate without using your voice or hand gestures but only your mind alone? It sounds like Professor X from X-Men or the often questioned “mind reading” that fortune tellers claim they possess. However, … Continue reading

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Oh the Joys of Junk Fax

We’ve all been victim of it, if you have a fax machine it is inevitable that you will get that junk fax come through your machine wasting toner and paper (and not to mention causing unnecessary noise). There has been … Continue reading

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Google is Preserving Languages

For generations, the language of Tseshaht Nuu-chah-nulth has been spoken by the Hupacasath and Tseshaht First Nations of Vancouver Island. But today, it is estimated that only five people can speak it fluently.  This is just one of the many … Continue reading

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Research In Motion Ltd. Still “In Motion”?

The New Porsche Design store in Toronto’s Mink Mile launched an extravagant party this which featured collaboration between Porsche and RIM. The evening consisted of Research In Motion Ltd.’s new CEO, Thorsten Heins posing with fans in front of a … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Think You Need a Website – Think Again.

Whether you are a web startup, brick and mortar traditional business, or unemployed looking for a job–a website is useful. People often make the mistake thinking that Facebook can replace a website, so instead of creating a website, they create … Continue reading

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