Lost iPhone 5 Staged?

iPhoneIt’s happened again…  Apple has lost another iPhone prototype.  In late July, an Apple employee lost his iPhone 5 prototype at Cava 22, a Mexican bar & restaurant in San Francisco only months before it’s rumoured release this October 2011.  Anyone else have a sensation of déjà vu?  It would make sense if so, since it was only March 2010, three months before the iPhone 4 release date, when a different Apple employee lost his iPhone 4 prototype in a Bay area bar.  So is this dumb luck that it’s happened not once but twice, or is this something more?

Apple is notoriously tight lipped with technology secrets and future products.  For Apple to have two consecutive leaks with their iPhone product in the same way is a major breach in securit and is not characteristic of the company’s motto as a whole.  Of course, life isn’t perfect and these types of things can happen.

Apple has been reported to have kept the loss of both iPhones under wraps not contacting police, and have their own investigators look into the incidents.  Since word gets around and it became public that they’ve lost another iPhone, Apple has asked help locating their precious prototype from local police investigators.  As of yet, they haven’t retrieved the iPhone 5, but that obviously isn’t due to a lack of trying… or is it?

Wouldn’t it be a great marketing campaign to just happen to ‘lose’ the coolest, newest, not yet released iPhone to create a major buzz only a few months before the supposed release date?  Unless their phone was lost to say Google or RIM, they couldn’t have asked for a better ‘accident’.  The amount of press exposure from this and the last lost iPhone has been enormous.  It costs hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to reach that much interested press and public.  If Apple didn’t intend for any of the buzz they’ve been getting, it has sure turned into a good thing for them.  It wouldn’t surprise me if others use this tactic in the future.  If I had to guess, I’d say Apple’s behind the loss of their phone… but that’s me.


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