When Apes Can Use an iPad…

orangutan tabletLooks like we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of Electronic Tablets, with chimps and orangutans now known to be avid users of Apple’s iPad.  In zoos in the U.S. and growing worldwide, ape trainers have introduced the devices in hopes they would be a hit with the animals.

Turns out they’re quite the hit!  Apes seem to love the touch screen interaction just as much as any human does if not more.  Chimpanzees are 97% genetically similar to humans, so it’s not much of a stretch that they like the pads as wells.  The apes have been known to especially love playing games, using the paint program, and watching videos, specifically of other apes.  This has proven how truly unique these animals are and how we should be doing what we can to protect their natural environment.   The Tablets are also a great way to keep them mentally stimulated since they have such a high mental capacities.  Who’s knows what they’re capable of now that they have iPads… before we know it they’ll use the tablets to send an online fax, Tweeting, or downloading the latest app.


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