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Next Big Revolution in TV: Google TV?


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Motorola Mobility Bought by Google

Google has purchased Motorola Mobility with the price tag of $12.5 billion.  They hope to consolidate hardware and software so to better able to compete with the mobile phone giant, known as Apple.  The acquisition gives Google direct control over … Continue reading

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IT Industry Remains Strong Throughout Global Market Rollercoaster Ride

Since last week, the global markets have been up and down non-stop.  Just today the Europeans markets climbed some, while uncertainty pushed Asian markets to slightly drop.  It looks like the markets are unsure about being unsure at the point.  … Continue reading

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Social Media Responsible for Coordination of Flash Mob Robberies in Canada & US

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Nokia & Microsoft Team Up for Smart Phones

Recently, Microsoft and Nokia have met numerous times over the past months to discuss a joint venture in smart phones.  They hope that their strengths converged will produce a line of cell phones that will quickly grab market share from other industry leaders like … Continue reading

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Send an Internet Fax with your Webmail Account

Interested in an internet fax or Gmail service with fax?  It’s possible to send or receive Gmail; to send faxes over the Internet and from other inbox providers; There are a number of internet fax solutions with Gmail from any … Continue reading

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Virtual Switchboard

The Virtual switchboard is an easy-to-use and versatile tool for managing your incoming calls. With easy redirection selections, call transfer, and voicemail options you can specialize it to do just the things you need. VSB promotes efficiency, increased customer satisfaction … Continue reading

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