Google seeks to buy “Fridge”

This young startup is developing tools for social networks to share instant messages, content or events. They will expand to Google +.

Google’s plan is clear: they want to become a credible competitor to Facebook as soon as possible. To achieve this, the giant decided to leapfrog through acquisitions rather than developing tools at home.
The engine announced the purchase of Fridge, a young start-up company specializing in the development of tools and services for social networks. The details of the purchase were not disclosed.
Fridge offers tools for content sharing and surveys, through instant messages to specific groups selected to receive this information. The idea is obviously to add these customization tools to Google + circles to make it more controllable and intuitive.
“The Fridge team shares our vision: to bring the nuances and richness of the sharing of real life on the Web,” Google said. “We rely on much experience in social groups and through being part of the Google + project, we could not imagine a better place to realize our projects,” said Fridge.
According to All Things Digital, Fridge raised almost 800,000 dollars in funding in less than a year.


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