Facebook does not like the ad for Google +

Michael Lee Johnson, a British application developer saw fit to broadcast an advertisement on Facebook to promote their Google + profile, the social network of the Mountain View company.

“If you’re lucky enough to have a Google + account, add Michael Lee Johnson, geek, application developer, a virtuoso of the technology,” Johnson wrote in order to invite other members into their friends’ circles on the networking site, which is currently available by invitation only.
If the initiative was intended, it was not to the taste of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s site did not appreciate that his advertising system was used to promote another social network, especially that of its competitor.

Result: The ad was immediately removed, as well as the ads previously aired by the British developer.
Although the founder of Facebook also has a Google + account and is part of the most followed users of the Google’s social network, it is highly likely that it will be part of Internet users who hasten to add Michael Lee Johnson’s circle of friends.


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