Benefits of Online fax

Fax to email, internet fax or even online fax has been around for some time. Many of those who have not yet opted for this eco-friendly, virtual option often what does the service offer besides the provision of a free fax number.

Often when someone is interested in the online fax to email service they go to a service providers website to find out more. Most providers offer their future clients a 30 day free trial in order for them to discover and test the service before having to pay the subscription fee.

The free trial often allows users to unlimitedly test the reception of faxes. The use of out-going faxes is often limited in order to prevent fraud and/or the mis-use of the service. As a result international or ‘special’ numbers are often blocked. Users however can send test faxes to local and national numbers.

Users also have access to the customer online interface. This differs according to the provider which the user has opted to use. Most online interfaces include information about sent and received faxes, statistics on the consumption, the status of all faxes etc. It also allows users to configure and customize their faxing service according to their individual requirements.

Some services for example Axiatel enable to use of multiple users. This means that up to five people can use and receive faxes to and from their email inboxes. Another advantage of fax to email is the possibility to add a cover page including the logo and company details allowing for a professional image.

Moreover the online interface is a secured system that hosts all your faxes, therefore providing a free option for the storage of faxes, for as long as the service is required. Talking about the convenience, some providers have included address book option that can upload current contacts from Outlook.

Finally, the general management of the account is also included in the interface, giving the users the possibility control their monthly packages for example upgrading faxes sent per month, changing payment card details, and storing past invoices.


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