Google+Possible Partnership with Facebook or Twitter

Google Inc. has apparently stated that it is not opposed to a potential cooperation with Facebook and Twitter, its new social networking rivals. Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt says that there is room for more than one social networking giant in the world.

Schmidt said it was too early to tell how well Google+ was doing or how well it would do in the future. He mentioned that it was impressive the number of people trying to be part of the limited group of initial users. Consequently, this could be an indication of the potential popularity of the new social network

Currently, Google+ is still in trial, with a limited number of users, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

In regards to Facebook, Schmidt says that he hoped that Google+ would have deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Some analysts have said that Google+ will run into trouble because Facebook is far too established to move much. It believed that a joint venture could be a smart move given that Google+ will be able to grow faster through the integration of power compared to on its own.

Schmidt believes that the selling point for customers with Google+ will be the video chat. However, Facebook may even give that a run for its money, with their recent announcement of integrating their own services with Skype.

In the end, there may be nothing left for Google+ to do but hope for partnerships with its rivals.


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