Switchboard: Interactive Voice Solution

The virtual PBX service created by Axiatel.com is an interactive voice solution for your business.
With over 15 years of experience in IVR (Interactive Voice Response Systems), Axiatel.com offers a personal, automated switchboard.

The Hosted PBX by Axiatel is a professional automated voice call service perfect for your business. At only $25 per month, the virtual PBX allows you to optimize the management of telephone calls from customers and partners with a default configuration to meet your every need.
• No software to install
• Service available 24 hours a day
• Possibility of having a single phone number
• Possibility to keep your current phone number
• Forward calls to other phones according to schedules
• Create a tree structure of multiple options to redirect calls to different departments in your company
• More than 250 professional pre-recorded voice messages.
For more information, log onto the Axiatel website: http://www.axiatel.com


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