Windows Mobile to overtake Apple?

Even though it is a far off prediction, it is believed that the Windows Mobile will surpass Apple 2015.
The operating system Windows Mobile from Microsoft could gain significant momentum in the coming years on additional market share. It is predicted by the magazine PCWorld that in 2015, Windows will surpass the Apple operating system IOS in reference to recent forecasts by market researcher International Data Corporation (IDC).

According to forecasts by IDC analysts, Android, the operating system from Google, will continue to dominate the market in 2015, taking a market share of 43.8 percent. In second place, analysts predict that it will be the operating system Windows Mobile (market share of 20.3%). The market share of Apple’s IOS operating system was predicted by IDC researchers as 16.9 percent in 2015.
From these predictions, analysts can see Microsoft catching up in the coming years. Although Android was struggling in recent quarters to the top of the Smartphone market it is believed that they will be making a strong comeback, with IDC analysts predicting that their market share will be 38.9 percent by the end of 2011.


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