Axiatel Virtual Office Solutions

You can now save your business money while improving your performance with office solutions offered by Axiatel. These include:
Online fax, a virtual telephone switchboard and web conferencing.

Axiatel offers services for everyone that fulfill the needs of both individuals and businesses.
Axiatel offers virtual telecommunication solutions particularly for small to medium businesses as well as entrepreneurs. So what can these services offer you? Simply put, Axiatel’s solutions offer greater mobility for users as all you need to access your faxes and services is an internet connection as well as an electronic device. Axiatel’s services also allow users organize meetings wherever they are.
Cost-efficient:  Axiatel has designed services to help you save money from having just one phone line to pay, plus you avoid the extra charge for repair.
What services does your company use?
Fax to Email: it allows you to send and receive faxes from your inbox, there is nothing more simple than sending a fax via email, simply log in from your inbox or from your online account through the interface. With the fax service via e-mail, you will no longer need to wait around the fax.
The virtual switchboard: allows you to manage incoming calls, determining the opening and closing of the standard line while you can also choose to redirect your calls to your mobile phone.
The conference call: Do you need to organize a meeting? With the conference call service, your meetings can be held anywhere. With the conference call, you have a dedicated number that connects all participants into the same meeting. You will no longer spend hours in traffic organizing meetings with customers and suppliers.
In addition to all these possible advantages the services offered by Axiatel allow the communication between 60 countries without any additional cost.


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