Nokia Wins Apple Patent Litigation

The American courts ruled in favor of Nokia in the legal battle against Apple for a patent case. Nokia, the world’s largest cell phone maker will receive an undisclosed one-off payment from Apple and continuing royalties. The settlement, which ends a long-running patent dispute, “is expected to have a positive financial impact on Nokia’s recently revised outlook for the second quarter 2011 of around break-even non-IFRS operating margin,” for devices and services, the company said.
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that they are very happy that Apple will join the growing number of licensees of Nokia, and that “this agreement demonstrates the leadership of Nokia’s patent portfolio and allows us to focus on licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market.”
The clash between these two mobile giants began in 2009 when Nokia sued Apple for violating several of its patents related to touch screen, camera, battery, and the messaging system of the iPhone 3G.
In the beginning of the publicized debate, justice was first given to Apple, but Nokia did not give up and returned to the jury with a new complaint, accusing Apple of infringing its patent rights “in virtually all mobile phones, portable music, tablets and computers.”
Finally Apple has agreed to license mobile patents belonging to Nokia and both companies have committed to withdraw all claims that have brought up against each other about these issues.


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