WordPress allows you leave comments with Twitter and Facebook accounts

The popular WordPress blogging platform now allows users to post comments using social networking accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.
“Starting today, visitors on your blog can use their Facebook or Twitter accounts to post comments. This saves a couple of steps and gives visitors control over the identity they use. ”
This new feature allows a small improvement that opens new possibilities, making life easier for users who wish to use their social profiles to post comments.
In fact, WordPress stresses that it will be the user who decides on a time and which identity they wish to use to leave comments. This allows them to be activated simultaneously on Twitter accounts, Facebook and WordPress.com.
Scott Berkun, WordPress team member said that the feature simply allows users to select the account you wish to be associated with your comment.  As a result individuals “have control of their identity, as it should be.”
This approach with Twitter and Facebook is only a first step for this platform as WordPress makers say they will announce “new integration features very soon. “


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2 Responses to WordPress allows you leave comments with Twitter and Facebook accounts

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  2. The association of Facebook with sites that allow users to leave comments is good. It may well reduce the amount of screaming lunacy that are the majority of Youtube comments. Chip, the insurance agent in Boise, Idaho will no longer be able to scream and rant at people leaving inane and harmless opinion. Not if you can see photos of him and his family

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