New competitor for Facebook?

A rival for Facebook is getting ready.

Many have posed the question of whether we would switch to a different network than Facebook, but the problem is that there is no real alternative to Facebook.

Would we choose to change social networks if someone could supply a social network that protects users’ privacy and data? The ex-MySpace-Manager Dmitry Shapiro has just the before willingness and drive to establish a new social network. As he is already a known player in the startup scene his new project will probably have no problems with funding.

“For each Coke there is a Pepsi Cola, for every Ford, there is a Chevy, for each PC, there is a Mac and for every Facebook there is a gap …. Facebook has such overwhelming power that virtually no one believes that it is possible to create an alternative. “says Shapiro.

Shapiro criticized on Facebook: The inscrutable privacy settings that are changed again and again, without explicitly explaining the consequences to the user. That Facebook Like-button records the activities of users on the Web. Facebook makes it very difficult to delete unwanted data, and Facebook uses users to entice more and more public to make it more attractive to advertisers. Shapiro finds that all of our data should belong to us. Advertising should clearly identifiable as such.

On the home page of Altly you can pre-register, so you are informed of when the network goes online. As Shapiro has investors backed in, the project might well succeed.


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