A choice between Windows and Ubuntu

Consumers must not only just make the choice between Windows or Mac OS computers. There is also Ubuntu. This operating system (OS) which is open source and free, launches its version 11.04: Natty Narwhal. This will be the Ubuntu community project, supported by Canonical, the company that was founded in parallel.
Nicolas Barcet, the director of solutions Cloud Canonical says that “people who go to Ubuntu are who are disappointed with the other OS, or those seeking facility.” Ubuntu is a model of simplicity and practicality. This is shown with its vertical taskbar, its software proposed but not imposed, its touch-and especially its anit-virus software.
The followers of Canonical are many, though Canonical says it does not know the exact number. Nicolas Barcet said that “there is no record of charging users of Ubuntu, freedom remains one of our currencies.”
Ubuntu has been trying to be more pre-installed on new computers, so an agreement was reached with Dell in this regard.
This however is not as easy as it sounds. Indeed, manufacturers of PCs, which affect about $ 20 per half-activation software pre-installed (antivirus, media player …), are reluctant to forego the windfall. Ubuntu on the other hand allows them to sell their machines cheaper. Ubuntu can be used in conjunction with Windows (or Mac OS) and without conflict, nothing prevents people to try it, or even to adopt it.


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