The new keyboard for the iPhone

If users of the iPhone or iPod Touch have trouble handling the touch pad device, Omni offers a solution which will allow them to easily write texts on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The new Omni WOWKeys is a computer keyboard that lets you enter any text in the iPhone and iPod Touch. The keyboard is compatible with computers, (both Windows and Mac) as well as with IOS in order to write to Apple mobile devices.

For the numeric keypad, a hole is located on the left where you place the device. In addition to writing, the keyboard allows the device to charge and sync with iTunes. It also offers playback with 12 keys that allow the users to choose either the phone mode or computer mode.

Another feature offered by this keyboard is that, once the iPhone or iPod Touch is connected to the keyboard, you can use your mobile device like a mouse. But it is necessary to download an application called ‘Mobile Mouse Pro.

For now, the Omni keyboard is only available in Asia but can be purchased by anyone through Amazon, or


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