Benefits of vitual offices: long distance charges

long distance chargesThe benefits of the using online faxing services are many. Among them, the cost effectiveness is the one that will convince many smal businesses contemplating to save their office expenses. In next posts we will look one by one at those benefits. But let’s start looking at them.

Long distance charges.

It goes without saying that for majority of the telecommunication companies the long distance call charges make up considerable slice of revenue. But why to pay so much when there is a choice today thanks to the competitor telco companies entering the market. Look at the example of Wind Mobile producing pricing competition for the country’s big three players – Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Many companies like internet fax service providers don’t charge ridiculous international charges. For example, with Axiatel online faxing one pays 4 times cheaper than using their landline. Having found right provider for such virtual services, a company can save money especially if they rely a lot on faxing and phoning aboad.

As the industries look at the new ways of accessing and using technology at the more fundamantal level, the use of the innovative and emerging telecom services that can offer better communication deals is on rise. Long distanc charges is the one issue where the telecom companies will have to start compromising.


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