The online fax with is an online platform for the sale of telecommunication solutions. Axiatel’s aim is to expand the functionality of fax services online. They propose a fax service where users can choose a fax resolution, customize the front page, customize the sender of the fax and set the date of dispatch. These new features are in line with the company’s motto based on: development, security and flexibility.

The online fax service offers real opportunities in terms of mobility and primarily targets SOHO, SMEs, entrepreneurs and telecommuters. In addition to the various operational features of this service, the site has just added a variety of features in order to improve the online fax service they offer.

Online Fax…what is it?

Fax to email allows users to send and receive faxes via the internet quickly and easily via a customer area or from a mailbox. This service offers distinct advantages such as simplicity, mobility and security.

New features has set up additional features to its online service.

* The choice of the fax resolution: This option lets you choose between standard resolution and fine resolution. Superior quality of the fax is guaranteed.

* Customize the title page: Users can choose from three models: classic, elegant and modern, to enhance the overall presentation of the fax.

* Customization of the transmitter of the fax: it is now possible to customize the fax by filling in the name of the issuer, the fax number of the sender, the subject of the fax as well as include your company’s logo.

* Setting the date of the fax: immediate or delayed, this option proposes to plan the time the fax is sent.

* Filtering junk fax: it is possible to filter junk fax received on your online interface to the tab “inbox”.

Sustainable development

Online fax services offered by meets an environmental ethic, fundamental to the well-being of the planet. With the fax to email, there is no requirement to recycle materials or to print documents. Each fax page printed damages the environment as it wastes of ink and energy. supports the reforestation program created by the Association Planète Urgence 1euro = 1 tree. With each order, Axiatel donates 1 euro to Planète Urgence.


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