Innovative Solution For Managing your Business Calls!

Axiatel offers a service which will help you manage and optimize your businesses productivity with it Virtual Switchboard. The virtual PBX allows the user to redirect incoming calls according to the need of the caller. When a person calls your Axiatel phone number, they are immediately received by the company’s pre-recorded welcome message.

Through the online interface, users can customize the messages, the options and numbers of redirection or diversion. Axiatel allows you to forward calls based on different criteria: the choice of the caller using the phone’s touchpad and the availability of partners.

Virtual Switchboard for Axiatel

Axiatel’s virtual PBX allows users a phone number and geographical coverage for preserving a local number to connect to a free national number. No need to switch carriers, or invest in telephone equipment. Even better there is no need to notify all customers and suppliers of the change of number with portability.

All voice messages left on the company’s voicemail are stored and are searchable online from Axiatel’s interface. When someone leaves a message on your voicemail provided by Axiatel, you are automatically notified by email or SMS (included in the pack).

Managing your account online is easy. You can access and configure your service 24/7 via your online interface. You can also customize various options such as the opening and closing times of each redirection line.

The virtual PBX by Axiatel will help you manage your precious business better.


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