Internet censorship is possible

American legislators scrutinize a bill aimed at punishing individuals and organizations involved in Internet dangerous.
This project is called Protect IP, an acronym that means “Preventing Online Real Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property.” It was designed to stop the power of sites like WikiLeaks.
This device means that when the third party information is published on a website without authorization, U.S. authorities will be empowered to block channels that enable the dissemination of information.
The flow of online donations, payment by PayPal or promoted MasterCard or Visa will be first thing that is blocked. The law could penalize the search engines and Internet service providers but only those operating in the U.S., to help prevent the spread “dangerous” information.

Companies that promote the “dangerous” economic security sites, and which allow others to access them, will be the subject of police and administrative investigations in the United States.
Today is unknown the exact definition of what is considered dangerous web sites or information. Although it is speculated that in addition to projects like WikiLeaks could endanger sites to download and share music, software and movies.


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