Online Faxing in Canada : true cost of faxing.

small business online faxingSome small businesses need to fax some documents on a daily basis, among users of faxes are accountants, lawyers, insurance companies, educational establishments and anyone dealing with papers in order to show the authenticity of their signatures.

However, faxing today proves to as expenssive and inconvenient. Why is that? Traditional faxing through the use of the fax machines are costly. When sending a fax, one needs to think about what adds to the cost of the faxing.

So what adds to the cost of faxing?

phone line rentalFirst of all, the phone line rental. Traditionally when sending a fax, one needs to use the telephone cable to transmit the voice and data. The combined phone and fax machines allow many people to use the same cable, but it means that when one sends a fax, it means that noone can get through when calling.

Anyway, this for many small businesses who rely on faxing, this is not an option and they choose to install the separate phone line for their faxing. Now this is where we start loosing money. The installation of the separate line for business starts from CA$36 per month. Think of long term with additional costs of the per faxed page charge in Canada and abroad.

fax machineThe cost of the fax machine start from CA$ 100 plus the cost of the ink cartridge replacements, plus paper, plus energy bills. standing by fax machineThis adds up to minimum of CA$ 300 per year. And that is how much the owner of a fax machine wastes per year on traditional way.

There is a need to express the intagible costs of the using fax machines. The waste of time, that one spends while faxing few papers accounts for about 10 minutes of the time lost per fax to go through and then receive the selivery notifications. It could be frustrating and time wasting process!

The Canada Online Faxing services come to rescue.

The Online faxing services are so easy to use and are replacing our old habits of driving downtown to send that fax and replacing fax machines. The convenience and benefit of using these solutions are great for any small office:

  • it doesn’t take space as fax machine
  • it sends from email and receives all faxes in PDF or TIFF format to email
  • it gives mobility and flexibility to small businesses, as papers can be faxed just online
  • it provides packs and allows to fax to over 61 countries for free
  • it allows to test it for free during first 30 days
  • it allows to set up faxing system, as delivery notices and reports
  • it provides local fax number in Ottawa or Halifax, you can get your number
  • it allows to get fax numbers of France, UK, Australia, Spain and other countries

The benefits and advantages are many and each provider develops its own system and pricing. For example, Bell Canada offers Business Internet Fax offers 300 outgoing faxes per month at 12,99 $, whereas Axiatel offers Online Fax in Canada, a small but equally respectable service provider offers better deals to Canadians at 8 $ for the same 300 fax plan.

Axiatel Canada online faxing


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