1000 Blackberry Playbook’s Recalled.

RIM (Research In Motion Ltd) the BlackBerry Smartphone maker has recalled about 1,000 of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computers due to defective operating software that can make it impossible for users to set up the device.

In a statement on Monday, it was reported that some tablets were shipped with software “that may result in the devices unable to properly load software upon initial set-up.”

RIM said that it is only the PlayBooks with 16 gigabytes of memory were affected, and the majority of them had not yet been sold to customers.

RIM is reportedly working to replace the affected tablets. Customers that end up with a Playbook that cannot load the software correctly during set-up can contact the company for help.


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One Response to 1000 Blackberry Playbook’s Recalled.

  1. Rey says:

    Got one of those defective one and the support sucks! Buy IPAD2!

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