BitTorrent creates Social Network

BitTorrent has announced the launch of the beta version of Chrysalis, a new software aimed at simplifying the user experience of this platform and give it the characteristics of social networks.

Chrysalis provides an interesting service, since users can create personal content channels and may share them with friends.

BitTorrent for axiatel

The social features of the software Chrysalis “seek to promote interaction between members through a feedback channel, creating a mini social network centered on a similar interest, “explained from BitTorrent.

To use this new function, users must choose a BitTorrent file and automatically creates a channel. And thereafter, users can send invitations to people who want to join this channel.

“Until recently, most of your personal files was small enough to send them by email, “said Eric Klinker, BitTorrent’s executive director, “Now, it is very easy to record HD videos with a Smartphone or take high resolution photos. So what happens to these giant files? “.

“BitTorrent removes the barrier of size and makes it easy to openly share their creations” said Klinker.

Chrysalis beta version is available so far only in English and for Windows computers with IE8.


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