Google launches online music service

It’s Google’s turn to present its streaming music service, dubbed “Music Beta.” This new service is however only available in the U.S. as of yet. The U.S. user may, upon subscription, store their music library on the Internet, and access it from any terminal such as PC, smartphone or tablet Android. During the conference hosted in San Francisco on Tuesday, the company announced that service was able to freely store up to 20,000 songs.
music beta for axiatel
Google wants to work with the music industry, however Jamie Rosenberg, director of multimedia content, says that “some labels are not reasonable in their demands.”

However, Google believes that its offer is “legitimate.” “This is the same as online backup or transfer to a portable device,” states Jamie Rosenberg. “The labels are trying to negotiate new royalty including a right of streaming.”

While Google is launching its online music service, for its part, Apple is still negotiating behind the scenes and could unveil a package deal in June. After the first CD to MP3, here we are witnessing a second wave of dematerialization where files disappear in “the cloud” of universal access.


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