Guide: How to receive faxes over the Internet

fax to email for axiatel

Receive faxes via e-mail

In an age in which social networks and e-mails are becoming increasingly important, the fax for many loses its importance. However, it is still a communication that is often used. Nowadays users can send fax documents in an instant.

There are numerous online sites on the Internet that offer to receive faxes. These faxes will be forwarded by e-mail.

Fax2Mail: Procedure

The basis to online fax is simple. The user gets assigned a fax from the online provider. They can also choose to keep their existing fax number with portability. Faxes that are sent to this number from their Fax2Mail provider are then converted into a document and forwarded as an email.
Internet faxing often requires low set up and operation fees compared to the traditional fax machine. Depending on the service provider you choose, a fax to email service often costs between $0-$15 to set up. The monthly subscription fee ranges from $10-$20. Traditional fax machines require a lot more for the setup and operation expenses. Cost of paper, ink, electricity, the fax machine and maintenance costs sum up to a large amount for users.
Online fax allows users to use it anywhere and at anytime. All you need to send a fax is a PC with internet connection and an internet faxing account. This way you won’t need to rush back to the office when an urgent fax arrives.

Most services offer a 30 day free trial so future subscribes can test the service before signing up. This way they can be 100% sure that it is the right service for them.


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