IP Telephony: Axiatel.com launches services in France

Axiatel has recently launched its IP telephony service in France, which will also be available on the Canadian market very soon.

ip telephony for axiatel
After reaching the 50 000 clients target, Axiatel.com, a platform for online sales of telecom solutions, introduced its IP telephony solution for professionals with some of the most competitive rates on the market.
Axiatel’s IP telephony service is immediately usable within 48 hours after the shipment and the default configuration has been set up. In addition, users can customize and manage their phone from their customer interface.
A wide range of features are included in the packages. With the IP telephony packages, you will have the choice of geographic numbers. You will also be able to customize the sound identity of subscribers through a selection of ringtones and music.
With Axiatel’s IP telephony packages, you can set your device to show or hide the customer’s number, to redirect incoming and outgoing calls to the appropriate lines, see voice messages directly from the phone or by mail, send a call when the client is already online. In addition, you have number portability, that is to say that you keep your old number that you associate with Axiatel line.

The VoIP phone service Axiatel is easy to use and without obligations. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution for companies.

Axiatel.com offers other telecom solutions for professionals: fax to mail, conference call, virtual switchboard and Visio conference.


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2 Responses to IP Telephony: Axiatel.com launches services in France

  1. innyspencer says:

    congrats Axiatel for there success.

    Testing & Certification

  2. Rods Smith says:

    The IP telephony service is the best part for our business through Internet.

    IP Telephony solutions

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