Today’s paperless offices use Canada Online Fax!

paperless faxing onlineWhile the PaperPhone is prototyped and will be shown to the wider audience on 10th of May in Vancouver on Computer Human Interaction conference, its creator predicts that in 5 years time, this gadget will be popular choice with offices, making paperless office a reality.

This prototype device already shows its features, it could be used for making calls and taking calls, sending messages, playing music and displaying e-books. We can see how this device can replace a physical office phones, computers (?), and anything else that could actually be designed are being replaced by smartphone use and tablets.

While we wait for the development of this product into something beautiful and absolutely-must-have gadget, Axiatel has already entered into many offices and homes offering topaperless faxing replace fax machines with the innovative service of Online Fax. Where the faxes can be send over any device that has an internet and this is the only way to be paperless with a fax! The faxes can be received and send by email and delivered to emails of people. This eliminates the need to print papers! Perhaps in the future, with such devices as PaperPhone, the office will truly become paperless. All we have to do is keep doing our best in being green in our workplaces, benefiting from the technological and telecomunicational advances of today!  


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