Reality of the paperless office brought by PaperPhone

Paper or Phone? Canadian Innovations today.

paperphone new types of phoneCanadian researcher has created a prototype Smartphone made of electronic paper. The PaperPhone a small computer that looks, feels and operates like a small sheet of the interactive paper. One can bend it into a mobile phone, flip the corner to turn the pages or writing on it with a pen. This prototype is based on the same e-ink technology as in Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader with a touch screen that can interpret drawings and text written on it.

This phone or paper (?) can do everything that current smartphones can do : paperphone features

  • take calls, send messages,
  • play music or
  • display e-book.

It is about bending and flexing this device, that was originally created in order to investigate how easy it is to use the technology if it was as flexible as this one. The larger versions of PaperPhone is predicted to be popular in our offices, according to Dr Vertegaal, its creator.  

This prototype will be displayed in Computer Human Interaction conference in Vancouver on 10th of May.


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