Switching to Canada’s Online Fax with Axiatel.

Canada Fax number portability made easier.

As the phone number is becoming easier and faster to transfer across operators, it presents an opportunity for the telecommunication users to transfer their services from analogue to digital fax service providers.

Canadian Online Fax service

The fax machines are becoming more and more obsolete and soon in some 5-10 years we will see our fax machine models, perhaps in the museums. Today more people are switching to cloud service providers, for example for Online Faxing services. Indeed, with this way of faxing no one requires to use a fax machine anymore, instead the faxes are send from the emails and are being delivered to email accounts, internet interfaces and smart phones.

As Online Fax in Canada eliminates the needs for a fax machine and for a separate or shared phone lines, however, the use of the numbers remain the same. Delivered over internet, a user only needs an internet to benefit from all the positive sides of internet faxing in Canada. The existing fax numbers could be the same way transferred to telecom operator offering Online Fax service in Canada. 

The process of fax number portability couldn’t be easier, contact the provider and transfer your fax number in on day! Axiatel offers this service for people who want to switch to cost effective, efficient and green service that will allow its users to be mobile and having their faxing system with them wherever they go!


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