Switching telecoms provider with one phone call. New rules.

canadian regulatorThe Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has simplified the process of changing providers for their television, home telephone, and wireless or Internet services. The new rules launched on 18th of March 2011 will make this transfer seamless and convenient experience. The telecom providers will be able to offer retention offers for service users who want to change their provider.

Consumers will now be able to switch service providers with only one phone call. The new provider will make all the arrangements on behalf of consumers to have the services transferred over. The CRTC requires that customer transfers be completed within two business days, except for wireless service where transfers must be completed within 2.5 hours.

If they prefer, consumers can also cancel their services by contacting their service provider directly, which can make them offers to retain their business.

The CRTC reminds consumers that, when switching to a new service provider, they are still responsible for any termination penalties or other terms associated with their existing contract.


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