Security breach at Sony

cyber security25 million gamers’ personal details were stolen as a result of security breaches at Sony in addition to 77mln already stolen data. The Playstation Network (from 20th April), as well Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) service was taken offline.

This affected not only the Playstation hardware, but also the PC and Facebook gamers.

Sony said that names, home addresses, e-mail addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and gender information was taken. At the moment company is working out what was the reason, and finding the solution on security, future encryption of their databases. That is why they had to close down temporarily thier gaming channels.

What we know from BBC website is that users on paid services will be granted 30 days of additional time on their subscriptions, along with one day for each day the system is down.


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One Response to Security breach at Sony

  1. baggedemotions says:

    I use to be a gamer… but that was back in the day 😀

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