Google Talk on Android phones!

Google Talk feature with video and voice chat will be available from mobile phones!

google talk logoOn 28th April, Google announced that people with Android operating system mobile phones will be able to do video and voice chat over their phones, as they would normally  many do through a computer programme of Google Talk.

This will be available via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G data networks (if your carrier supports it) to connect with other Android users as well as people using Google Chat on their computers.

This feature will be available from Samsung Nexus S smart phones with the latest version of Android – version 2.3, also referred to as Gingerbread. Other phones that can be upgraded are the Galaxy S 2 and HTC’s Nexus.

While the phone software updates are planned to happen sometime in the future, the programme modification programs like CyanogenMod already offer unofficial upgrade to phones that are not yet upgraded for people who are tired of waiting.


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