Go Green with telecommunications!

With the world’s growing concern for the planet due to the escalation of natural disasters, many companies have looked into ways they can help protect the environment. Axiatel, an international telecommunications company specializing in virtual office solutions such as fax to email, conference calling and virtual switchboards has done just that. With their partner Planète Urgence they have been able to plant over 8000 in Mali.

planete urgence for axiatel
It is thanks to their program “1 euro = 1 tree” that they happily announced the accomplishment of their goal, to plant over 8000 trees last week.
“We are very pleased to announce that thanks to the participation of our customers in this humanitarian action, we managed to complete this challenge. Since the 1st of March 2009, one euro is donated by Axiatel.com to Planet Urgence for each subscription: email fax services, conference call and the Standard voice call service at www.axiatel.com.”

Planète Urgence is an apolitical and non religious association of public utility supporting sustainable development. It aims to develop new plans of action in the fight against the destruction of the Planet as well as in the fight against the inequality between the North and the South.


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